Summary of 2014 and Plans for 2015

2014 was quite a good year. Of course much worse than 5 previous years…but…

It started with some photos taken from the hides in winter time, visit to Biebrza river and Białowieża Forest. Then came the great trip to wonderful Iceland. Unfortunately I had no luck and had not seen aurora borealis, so I must repeat the trip again and again until I’ll have success with northern lights. Later in the spring I had good trip to Florida with my kids – from photographic perspective it wasn’t perfect, but otherwise quite nice. During boring summer it was not too much to photograph so I focused on some model workshops and short trips across beautiful Poland. Ok, I’ve been to Scotland and Vienna as well, but these were rather not photographic oriented trips, so are not worth mentioning here.

After vacation it was much better. First of all I experienced great model workshop with friends from Czech Republic. It was held in amazing Hvar Island and accompanied by four great young models. Outcome of it was lot of nice pics. Just after that I visited northwest US – beautiful Oregon and a little bit of California. Later in the autumn I had opportunity to visit Madrid and some other workshops with white-tailed eagles and common buzzards. Interesting was very last model workshop this year – Gdynia meeting with three top models and great friends.

Summarizing those events I must say it was rather rich and made me a little bit happy, but I still must made 2015 even better. So the goals and plans are to visit:

– Bieszczady in February

– Maybe some South American countries in March?

– Faroe Islands in April/May

– Hungary in June (bird photography trip)

– Maybe Canada or Norway during boring polish summer?

– AXALP in October

– If time allows some US trip, but have no idea when…

Hope I’ll be able to realize at least half of above plans… keep your fingers crossed and wait for great pics 😉