As only few people know, I was born in Koszalin, north of Poland “a few” years ago. Since childhood I was a technical guy (LEGO was my favorite toy up to 12 years old) and I had always some kind of artistic sense as people were telling me. My favorite subjects in school was math, physics, but also art classess and chemistry. I’ve started my photography with my dad’s old Start66 camera while being only 9 or 10 years old. Or maybe even before with Druh, but I’m not sure. Then I switched to Zenit B and have been using it for a long period of time. In the old days I was forced to black and white photography and my own development process. I learnt a lot and for a few years left my passion to photoraphy for my other passion – computer science. Finally it lead me to studies in one of famous Warsaw Universities and even graduating computer science. When I finally got my diploma I again found time to get back to photography passion and even bought my first Canon SLR camera. Then it came time and some money for traveling. And this is like drugs, addictive. More and more…

During last 15 years I was traveling around Europe and United States. Landscape photography is my favorite and I prefer deserted, uncrowded places. Of course I also like nice cities, especially with atmosphere like Barcelona, Lisaboa, Siena or Porto. Unfortunately while you’re in IT business, you can’t afford to spend more than 5 weeks a year for long travels. On the other side, it’s hard to live without camera in hand for longer than a few days, so during weekends and holidays I try to photograph beautiful Poland. And this gallery was created to show you my works collected in one place. You can like them or not, but I hope you wouldn’t be indifferent!

Current equipment:

Canon EOS system
Canon lens
Lee filter system
Singh-Ray filters
Sirui tripod + head
LowePro and GuraGear bags